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Radical Simplicity Inc, Unlimited Human Potential.
Janice mobilizes people to step beyond their comfort zone and collaborate to create innovative solutions to tough business challenges.
- Diane Willemse
VP Organizational Capability Walmart Canada
Janice is a truly special HR leader. She starts with your business challenge, works with you to uncover root causes and helps you find long lasting and innovative solutions.
- Mary Turner
President, Canadian Tire Bank

Welcome to Radical Simplicity Inc.

employees-at-tableWhat’s the one radically simple thing you need to do to transform your business? Like most people in your situation, you probably can’t answer that question. And neither can we, yet. 

Our craft is asking the right questions of leaders and finding innovative solutions for your most pressing business challenge, resulting in stronger teams and organizations. Our holistic approach brings a discipline of presence, process, and investigation to identify the smallest thing that will make the biggest financial and cultural difference.

We listen to people in fresh ways that surface hidden, often obstructive facts and enable them and the organization to move forward by focusing on the one thing that really matters. We foster clarity of purpose and action to bring out the best in people and improve productivity.

Radical Simplicity works with leaders at all levels in organizations of all types and sizes to improve business results. Through years of experience in human resources management, we know that every organization can tap their unlimited human potential to become more adaptive, competitive, and successful. Let’s get to work.

We have the expertise you need.

Do you have a perplexing business challenge with no clear solution? We can stimulate idea generation by asking provocative questions with a fresh perspective and tapping into the wisdom of your people.

Do you need to merge corporate cultures as a result of an acquisition or merger? We can generate energy throughout the transition by working with your teams to identify each culture’s strengths and build a unifying vision for the future.

Are you concerned about lagging productivity? We can work with you to identify the bottleneck that is limiting growth and impeding progress, and find the simplest way to remove it.

Do you sense that employee morale is low? We can find the root cause of low morale and seek ways to improve it, through diagnostic investigation of the qualitative and quantitative factors.

Are you having trouble attracting or keeping good people? We can work together to determine the most important reason people are attracted to your organization or leaving.

If any of the above questions strike a chord, contact us today. We’d be delighted to connect and explore with you the profound questions that can lead to the one radically simple thing that will transform your people and business. Let’s start a conversation.

We’ll help you simplify your work and refocus your efforts.

Our unique blend of HR, operational, and leadership experience, combined with objective eyes and a collaborative approach, will bring you and your team together in new ways to:

Learn more about how we can get to the heart of your business and make the improvements you desire. Read about our success stories.

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