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quote-change-navigationAn individual or organization is not a problem to be solved. Filled with unlimited potential, each is a mystery to be embraced. Operating at both the individual and large-scale transformational change levels, Radical Simplicity Inc. consultants engage with people and the system in a spirit of inquiry. We identify the best of what is, and draw out distinct opportunities and possibilities barely or not yet imagined. Our work together helps individuals and organizations focus on the next best action to achieve results.


The most basic life-long human pursuit is identifying and understanding one’s own gifts, and building on inherent strengths to find meaningful work and make a difference. At Radical Simplicity we tailor our coaching approach to the individual’s unique work situation and context.

Our coaching work is grounded in the belief that experience is the best teacher when reflected upon. People can progress from average to outstanding when doing what they are good at, working in ways that fit their abilities, and playing to their strengths. We coach people to follow their passions and work on purpose with the people they care about and respect.

Appreciative Inquiry

Radical Simplicity Inc. consultants know that people will embrace and own that which they participate in creating. That is why we use Appreciative Inquiry, a powerful approach to transformation and proven mode of inquiry that can inspire, mobilize, and sustain human system change.

Appreciative Inquiry is rooted in the simple assumption that every organization has things that work well. Tapping into those strengths is a starting point for creating positive change.

It begins with a search for the best in people, the organization, and the world at large. This search leads to the discovery of what makes people and organizations vibrant, effective, and capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. What is different about Appreciative Inquiry is the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten potential.

This positive approach to change harnesses the speed of the imagination and innovation. It avoids the negative approach of other change theories rooted in critical, deficit-based, problem-solving diagnoses.

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