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People (HR) and Organization Practices

quote-people-organizationNow more than ever, the way an organization designs its people practices is proving to be a source of competitive advantage and significant contributor to long-term organizational success. Through a process of inquiry and disciplined review of the facts, Radical Simplicity Inc. works together with clients to identify what is working well and what risks an organization may face in its people and organization practices.

Our methodology:

While the job may look different in each organization, we believe one basic truth: every activity begins to obsolesce as soon as it starts.

Let our years of HR experience guide your decision about what to sustain and what to change.

Building Capability

At Radical Simplicity Inc. we believe that setting strategy accounts for less than ten percent of an organization’s success. Over ninety percent of an organization’s success is determined by its:

These beliefs are built on three assumptions:

Radical Simplicity Inc. consultants conduct disciplined interviews and analytical reviews of the facts to find the levers that enable clients to build capability and performance capacity.

We can review the organization structure and operating principles, and staffing, learning and development, and succession planning processes.

Inspiring Performance

Managing an organization’s performance is central to its long-term effectiveness and health. At Radical Simplicity Inc. we believe performance is best managed and improved through the development of systems that are integrated and aligned with the strategy of the organization and promote learning, informing, and communicating.

Unfortunately, many performance management systems, designed to monitor and evaluate individual and organizational productivity and performance, are considered by users as outdated control systems in the age of the knowledge and conceptual worker.

Radical Simplicity Inc. consultants take a magnifying glass and, with an objective eye, evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s practices in areas such as performance management, leadership development, rewards and communication.

Our evaluation process considers whether:

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