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Strategy Assessment

quote-strategy-assessmentRadical Simplicity Inc. is not in the business of developing your strategy; we believe that must come from within. We help you determine if your organization has the capabilities and resources required to successfully execute and evolve the strategy as the environment shifts.

Numerous studies of successful people and organizations have shown that the one characteristic they share is single-mindedness. Our consultants work with you to identify the one thing that with focus and discipline will make the biggest impact on your culture and financial performance.

Organization Effectiveness

Radical Simplicity Inc. believes that leaders who act as stewards of the precious resources entrusted to them are central to all enduring organizations.

forestFor most successful enterprises, marketing, strategic positioning, and product development are important. However, what matters more is how they manage their people, information, and money. Building a group of people who grow stronger and more self-reliant under enlightened stewardship is the key to success and sustainability.

Such beliefs form the philosophical foundation of our practice, the basis for our organization effectiveness assessment, and the interrelationships that are cornerstones of any organization’s effectiveness.

HR Functional Effectiveness

Through decades of experience, we have seen a natural evolution of the Human Resources function from the days when personnel was essentially an administrative function.

Today the HR function works best as a central player in:

Using a proven architecture for HR functional excellence, Radical Simplicity Inc. consultants have the experience and know-how to assess the next best place to invest or divest your HR resources.

Contact Radical Simplicity Inc. and let our professionals assess your business to determine the best use of your HR resources.

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